It has been so freezin’ cold this year.  I didn’t mind the cold until this last blast. Now I am officially breaking up with winter.  You know it is cold when the cattle have frostbite on their ears after several bouts of single digit weather and below zero wind chills. The cats (we have Sophie added to our growing family) stick their noses out the doors and quickly back up into the hallway, then back up farther into the dining room and run for the shelf on the west side of the window where it is warmer.  The up and down of this gets old as many of you ALL across the United Stated of America know.

SIlly Sophie is teasing Tygger because he is outside and she isn't

SIlly Sophie is teasing Tygger because he is outside and she isn’t


We have been blessed where the electricity has had brief bouts of off and on.  Several years ago after a week without electricity, my hubby finally invested in a generator for the house.  YES!!!!!!  Many friends have been overloaded with the ice, snow and loss of electricity.  I know this has been hard and my heart goes out to you and yours.

I am debating if I am getting the winter SAD (Seasonal Affect Disorder) this year where I have not been sensitive or felt this in previous years.  Or it could just be a case of winter frustration? I looked at several sites to find more information on this.  I know it exists since my mother and one of my daughters can struggle with this throughout the winter.  Attached is a website for those who are struggling with some of the blahs of the season.

I enjoyed these helpful tips and I hope you will take the time to read it and see if you will have some success.  For those who do not struggle with this, don’t chide one who does, “Just be happy!”  or  “Get over it” .  This does not work and you will only bring on more frustration to those who struggle with this. Love ’em, hug ’em, and if the words fly, let it fly over your head, brush it off your shoulders and don’t take it personally.  This too shall pass.

On a lighter note.  I am looking forward to Spring.  When I think of spring I think of the Seven Brides for Seven Brothers when the clan sings of spring.  I love the old movies.  Back to real life,  hoping the lovely, warmer weather, which is not a guarantee it will not snow, freeze or spit sleet and ice in our direction, will come soon.  Last year with the late freeze in May, I was subjected to not gleaning any mulberries, peaches, plums, cherries, wild apricots, pears or nectarines, of which is was royally upsetting to me.  The only consolation to the desolation of my fruit trees was the fact I had blackberries ( mine and the “neighbors”) and a few apples.  The neighbor’s blackberry bush is another story to be told.  Of these I quickly made into delicious jams, blackberry cobbler, apple butter and my famous grapple jam.  My mouth is watering with the thought of actually having a crop this year without the freeze or perchance the destructive flies.  THAT is the only good thing which can come out of the hard freeze this year, other than killing off most of the ticks.  This too would be delightful:  dirty lil blood suckers.  When trying to do  somewhat organic or more healthy, the grasshoppers and flies can quickly decimate a crop.  Hence the begging for chickens.  They would be fat and sassy chickens if I had them last year.  Maybe this year……

What could be better than a hot cup of tea or coffee, a croissant and fresh jam

What could be better than a hot cup of tea or coffee, a croissant and fresh jam

Here are some photos of the fruit, jams and items to make your mouth watering for the fresh taste of jam.  Hooray for Spring!  Hooray for blooming trees and the potential of the growing season.

Beautiful Red crabapples

Beautiful Red crabapple   Perfect for jams, and hot spiced pepper jellies!

Labeling Jams of multiple kinds

Finally  getting the labels on for the various type of jams

Homemade jam and jelly, what could be better

Homemade jam and jelly