Sorry that I have been going so long from this site.  I promise I will be doing better now that I am on a day job. There has been quite a bit of busyness around the farm, the house and a short weekend trip to Dallas.  Children have grown up and left the house to attend colleges.  The oldest to Dallas, the second to North Carolina, the third in her third year of college and the fourth one is in the first year of college in Wichita.  

I am not in the medical field at this present time but now assisting as an orchestra assistant in a middle and high school.  All in all I have to memorize 200 plus student’s names, learn to play the violin when I am from the “dark side” the orchestra director tells me since I played french horn.  But I am learning so much already, with my music background, directing some of the groups and filling in.  I have a new appreciation for choral, orchestra and band directors.  I have not directed since a drum major in a large school high school band.  

In the next few weeks, I will be posting recipes, pictures of the farm and the new baby calves we have in the field.  Heartaches of calving and decisions which had to be made.  So I am excited to get it started again. I hope you will pass it on and encourage others to follow too.