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The Holiday season is over, and the house is now quiet.  My hubby and I are watching the football games.  Well, he is, and I am at the computer.

Much has passed since the last posting and I have been remiss on keeping up to date.  Learning the violin is much tougher than I thought and I will always be a die-hard French horn player.  But working at a middle school/high school orchestra assistant.  It has been so enjoyable to be around young students and a challenge to be in a new field.

But most of you are looking for recipes and the farm.  We have been busy at the farm and all summer with new kittens, new puppies, and new calves.  Both of our cats had kittens, and it looked like the kitten fairy switched babies with mommas.   We have new puppies.  Annie and Oakley, who are 3/4 border collie and 1/4 blue heeler.  We have one that is ADHDHDHD!  She is a dolly, even though she wears us out with all the energy.


New Kittens….  Four tiger kitties from the calico, Callie, and four from Oreo  (3 calico and one black)  It was so sweet, but then the mommas were fixed so that there would not be anymore. I don’t mind cats on the farm, but the farmer man doesn’t want but a few, and we don’t want to be irresponsible our animals just breeding constantly.  Our big Tiger male, Tygger, tolerated them all.




Oreo’s kittens.  Teddy bear and the three callies




Come play with me!


We were able to give away all of them but one, and he went by the name of Henry….trust me he chose the name.  I said every name I could think of and then said Henry and three times he turned to look at me hearing the name and the name stuck.  Annie and Oakley are very good at taking watch on the kittens, and they were the guard dogs, and they wanted to play with them so badly.  But sadly we lost Henry to an owl coming in from the timber and I cried for days.  Henry was so loved by Tygger.  He mourned for days and followed my husband for days.

The next post will be on the new baby calves born late fall.  There is good news and bad news.  But life and death are something that occurs on the farm and still this nurse has a hard time dealing it.

God gave us the circle of life to appreciate life and death.  Whether it is the blessing of the birth of a baby, an animal or death of a loved one or one whose life ended too soon.  He knows the days of our life, and the number of steps we will take.  Living on a farm hits it more with the cycle of life and death here.






Its Been A Long Time Away

Sorry that I have been going so long from this site.  I promise I will be doing better now that I am on a day job. There has been quite a bit of busyness around the farm, the house and a short weekend trip to Dallas.  Children have grown up and left the house to attend colleges.  The oldest to Dallas, the second to North Carolina, the third in her third year of college and the fourth one is in the first year of college in Wichita.  

I am not in the medical field at this present time but now assisting as an orchestra assistant in a middle and high school.  All in all I have to memorize 200 plus student’s names, learn to play the violin when I am from the “dark side” the orchestra director tells me since I played french horn.  But I am learning so much already, with my music background, directing some of the groups and filling in.  I have a new appreciation for choral, orchestra and band directors.  I have not directed since a drum major in a large school high school band.  

In the next few weeks, I will be posting recipes, pictures of the farm and the new baby calves we have in the field.  Heartaches of calving and decisions which had to be made.  So I am excited to get it started again. I hope you will pass it on and encourage others to follow too.


We have a new addition to the cattle family.  We have a range of 12-16 cattle at a time.  My husband, JD was at the cattle auction on Wed, July 17th and bought a new momma cow with a calf, heifer, that appears to be about one week old. This momma cow was too young to be bred.  For those who don’t know, heifers should be about two years old before they have their first calf.  She is about 18 months old, so she wasn’t very old, and it can be more difficult for them.   I haven’t really seen her, and plan to go out to see her today, if at all possible.  My cattle came running, even though they haven’t been around me in a week and a half.  But I went out and called, and knowing I have cow treats, or actually horse treats, they come “a runnin'”.  I didn’t know I could find such pleasure in the cattle and with my one heifer, D/C, whose mother is A/C.  Not after the band A/C D/C, , mind you, but a friend named them from this since they are angus cattle.   A/C:  Awesome cow, and D/C:  darn cute calf.  D/C is going to be a momma for the first time, and she still comes up to me to have her head scratched and gently rubbed under her chin and behind her ears. The only problem is when I stop, she bumps me and she has too much weight for me not to press back and hold.  Having her more domesticated is another story, but just watching them calms me.  I can’t wait until I meet this new momma cow and her baby.  Now, to come up with a name….

The photo is of D/C and my husband, having a scratch session.  I have spoiled her rotten.

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