Kansas, as many say, wait five minutes and it will change.  And change it does, it became hotter and more humid.  More so without the air conditioning.  This is day 13 without the air conditioner.  I do believe I would not be able to live in the pioneer days without it after having this heat  and wearing long dresses.  I think that I would be able to endure it more if I had not had a heat stroke my first year of college in Kansas City, Missouri in 1980.  Oh dear, now I am dating myself.  The clouds have been teasing, deceiving, tempting rain and then doesn’t give what it looked like it was promising.

But for those who don’t understand what the heat or sunstroke, when there is the overheating, you end up burning out the thermostat of your hypothalamus.  ( Your medical learning from this nurse).  Thus you cannot sweat, you cannot release the heat and you overheat.  Sometimes no amount of water, or cooling off will help except with a freezer rice bag.  (I will post on how to make these under a different category, but they are lifesavers in our home and with many uses).

But I have come up with a short term a/c, all thanks to my stepson, who placed it on facebook for me.  It cooled it enough to keep me happy!  Crude but it worked!  Just needed a bigger cooler and a smaller fan.  The lil red fan wasn’t enough to push the air throughImage

But as I think about this heat, the “suffering” I feel I am enduring, and my strength stripped. I also think about if it is hot here, how much hotter will it be to endure hell for eternity?   Being sunburned several times, the severe pain and having second and a few spots of third degree does not compare to what the Word says about hell. Jesus spoke only of one thing more than hell, which was about money. The Word says it is where the flames, the pain and the worm dies not.  But to be eternity without the presence of Christ would be hell.  I would not wish that on my worst enemy.  A category on faith will give you the way to keeping from hell, but more importantly, the wonderful ability to spend eternity with Christ in heaven.  That I would wish for anyone.  So if you say, “you are wrong, there is no hell”, I would respond with a godly man, Curt Lehman’s words, “If you are right, and I am wrong, I don’t lose anything.  Just turn to dust or come back as something else.  But if I am right and you are wrong, you have everything to lose.”