We have a new addition to the cattle family.  We have a range of 12-16 cattle at a time.  My husband, JD was at the cattle auction on Wed, July 17th and bought a new momma cow with a calf, heifer, that appears to be about one week old. This momma cow was too young to be bred.  For those who don’t know, heifers should be about two years old before they have their first calf.  She is about 18 months old, so she wasn’t very old, and it can be more difficult for them.   I haven’t really seen her, and plan to go out to see her today, if at all possible.  My cattle came running, even though they haven’t been around me in a week and a half.  But I went out and called, and knowing I have cow treats, or actually horse treats, they come “a runnin'”.  I didn’t know I could find such pleasure in the cattle and with my one heifer, D/C, whose mother is A/C.  Not after the band A/C D/C, , mind you, but a friend named them from this since they are angus cattle.   A/C:  Awesome cow, and D/C:  darn cute calf.  D/C is going to be a momma for the first time, and she still comes up to me to have her head scratched and gently rubbed under her chin and behind her ears. The only problem is when I stop, she bumps me and she has too much weight for me not to press back and hold.  Having her more domesticated is another story, but just watching them calms me.  I can’t wait until I meet this new momma cow and her baby.  Now, to come up with a name….

The photo is of D/C and my husband, having a scratch session.  I have spoiled her rotten.